so sweet, like listening to the beatles for the first time

ever since happy together — a torrentially emotional WKW joint featuring our fave smoldering HK hottie — argentina has secured a spot on my wanderlust list. however, it has recently climbed over other destinations on the list and now occupies a position in the top-five tier.

why the heightened desire? well, other than a deep appreciation for astor piazzolla, my growing interest can be attributed to one single thing:

the ALFAJOR, a wickedly sublime confection that everyone deserves to try at least once in their lives. that there golden brown filling in the middle is dulce de leche, and it’s sandwiched between perfectly soft cookies that deliver just the right amount of crumble and chew. i prefer my alfajores to come in a smooth chocolate robe, but they also come in powdered sugar versions, which are often too sweet for me. one bite can induce diabetes.

can you imagine how alfajores would taste with coffee or tea?

two co-workers have brought back these treats from their travels to argentina, and on both occasions i’ve been lucky enough to help myself to them. it’s funny, one time i was greedily grabbing one when i noticed that someone had actually cut one up into little segments for sharing. and here i was, happily wanting to devour half a dozen in one sitting.

the pictured alfajor is from the famous havanna bakery in argentina. isn’t the wrapping so purdy and classy? i’m pretty much convinced that you’re never gonna be able to find an alfajor here in the yay area even remotely close to the stellar ones from havanna. the quality is unbelievable.

on top of how incredibly GOOD alfajores are, i also love them cuz it’s a fun word to say.

so if/when i go to buenos aires (and patagonia in search of dinosaur bones), i will literally bring back a suitcase packed with boxes and boxes of alfajores.

2 Responses to “so sweet, like listening to the beatles for the first time”

  1. Derek Says:

    So… you’re saying it’s kind of like an Oreo?

    *gets beaten down*

  2. anthony Says:

    all i read was “jibbeh jabbah pastries alfajor DINOSAUR BONES PATAGONIA.”

    just kidding – that shit looks delicious. *wikis titanosaurus*

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