unwarranted worry

saturday bday festivities

i called my dad twice last night, no answer. this morning, he calls at like, 630am. i’m too sleepy to pick up. i get to work, sit through meeting, do things, then check my phone. NINE MISSED CALLS FROM DAD. of course i panic, fearing something happened to my grandma. i call him immediately. the conversation goes something like this:

me: dad why did you call me 10 times today? is everything okay?!

D: i was worried about you! you called me twice last night and this morning i kept calling

me: what do you mean, why were you worried? it wasn’t a big deal i just called last night cuz i had a question to ask.

D: well, i thought something happen to you. i thought you died! you didn’t answer phone.

me: /breakout laughter/ why would you think i died?

D: allergies are very bad right now, your allergies are bad. and you have asthma, and sometimes…asthma…can make you go to heaven.


and bonus, here’s a quaint txt msg from my mom (who is on the road):

we are in the middle no where thanks for you girls nice gift GPS we are feeling more secure and safe

followed by another text:

we safe arrive to desert spring now *:-D

13 Responses to “unwarranted worry”

  1. Alex C Says:

    Your mom does emoticons!?! that rocks!

  2. Andrew Says:

    I got to roll with your pops some time.

  3. esteban Says:

    i like the picture, very obama

  4. mighty Says:

    omg. thats so cute.

  5. Anne T Siggins Says:

    Hi, Jennifer: Mom’s happy you received my text message. :-D

    Mom sincerely wishing you and your sister and all your friends have a
    very healthy, safe, happy life always and forever.

    Mom love your web site. Thank you for sharing your photos.


  6. rui Says:

    your parents are the best. seriously.

  7. jenn Says:

    @alex c: yeah, she gets carried away with them.

    @andrew: maybe one day you can! he’s pretty chill, and kinda shy actually.

    @esteban: thanks. this was a lucky accident shot on the tidepools. i love this photo.

    @mighty: i could prob start a tumblr or posterous on what my parents say, but that seems too mymomisafob.com. thanks!

    @mom: thx

    @rui: they’re just wacky crazy folks. i know i’d say the same about yours. besides, i think i know your mom is cool and bada$$ from her dogs and handmade earrings.

  8. ryan Says:

    having a dad that checks up on you and stuff = crazy to me, but yours is so sweet. Is he being a badass in the picture? or is he just cold? Either way, it’s a great portrait of the man.

  9. Mom Says:

    My dear and lovely Jennifer:

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION, we not wacky crazy folks,
    we are the parents love you and your sister always
    and forever.

    Have a great weekend.


    Love always,

  10. eric Says:


  11. mich Says:

    I think this story just made me go to heaven .

  12. Alison Says:

    Oh man. What a cute post. I miss you Jen! How is everything holding up?

  13. jenn Says:

    @eric: hahaha

    @mich: ooooh, good one!

    @alison: missing you…

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