“Too fattening for you”

Mom found a new hobby:

mom's new hobby

mom's new hobby

My sis and I couldn’t stop giggling from delight. We were stunned that our mom’s nimble fingers created these darling little gems, but she’s always had an artistic streak. She’s obviously got a way with clay. Looks like rose petals are no problem, and the peas-in-a-pod piece continues to astound us. She kept remarking, “These are just practice ones. Not the real ones!” Can you imagine these as earrings? The possibilities are endless. One thing though, we need to get her more colors.

Saw the old man recently too. Can’t stop smiling at these two videos. Watch and learn — this is how you make a gatdamn Peking duck wrap! The technique is all in the precision of the laying down of ingredients. Notice how he does it.

Favorite lines: “How come you guys don’t tell me any information?,” “No, too fattening for you” and “Can I make one for you? You need it”

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  1. christina Says:

    sister, sister…always catching the gems in life. :)

  2. bill Says:

    No skin or cilantro. Your dad is a duck nazi/awesome!

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