melt in your mouth

Trying to collect pictures of myself with egg creams is so 2007 of me, so I’m thinking a new additional personal meme should be pictures of me with tubs of cheese balls. The thing is, tubs of cheese balls are equally elusive and rare (and delish) as egg creams. And in case you were wondering, the pictured Simplify brand is way too salty but the Target brand rivals Planter’s. And yes, this is the kind of piddling stuff I think about on the eve of my 30th birthday while my peers are procreating and buying homes and being Adults.

2010-2011 NYE wknd

2010-2011 NYE wknd

2010-2011 NYE wknd

birthday fun time

3 Responses to “melt in your mouth”

  1. Nat Says:

    hahaha. #3. so hot.

  2. mich Says:

    Being a parent is not above a delightful frolick through the Target snack aisle from time to time.

  3. christina Says:


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