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Asian art…can you dig it?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Hey kids, do you like museums? Did you know that the Asian Art Museum has a blog? Not like, just any ol' blog, but a pretty dang good one, with lots of fresh updates written by all kinds of passionate people that work there.

You might think I'm just shilling for this pseudo-new bundle of joy of ours, but in all sincerity, it's all quality AND quantity, and you do learn a lot of cool stuff. Do you know what it takes to actually assemble and display a real samurai armor? Or that there's a umbrella with a sword handle? That our Bhutanese monks went to a baseball game (and Disneyland)? That our own director dressed up as a samurai for a staff meeting? Or how about the fact that before even the former main library was built (it's the building the museum is in now), they burned tons of opium pipes on the site? Sometimes the posts are enlightening, and sometimes they're just silly.

Take this video, for example. We worked hard to bring you the best in hammy, silly entertainment, all in the name of good humor and samurai exhibition promotional buzz. Please watch it, and go here to watch the other two companion video clips. They're super short! If you watch the other two, leave a comment so I know you were there!


Anyway, check it out and if you see anything you like/dislike, holla with a comment. If you really want to support us, please help us get our link out there in cyberland. Thanks!

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if only it was that easy

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I like Rama Hughes. At least, I like him from the work of his that I've seen (especially portraits). His instructional how-to-make-a-comic makes it seem so easy. Just reading it motivates me to give it a college try. Then again, most how-to-make-a-comic/zine/mini/etc things usually have that effect on me.

The other image is I guess a gag cartoon by one of his seventh grader students? I just think it's so charming and clever. Super cute.

I wish we as adults could all draw with the pure, sweet abandon and unfiltered creativity that only kids can possess.
For more of his students' darling works, check out his Flickr.

See the full gallery on posterous

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His Royal Badness

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Hope Germick doesn't mind me sharing this since it is his birthday present, after all. What you see here is the result of: a really shitty inconsistently dry/leaky cheap brush pen, dollar store watercolors, Google image search, and a crazed fervor to pump out a mediocre portrait as a sad gift an hour before the birthday party. I'm not pleased with it, but at least my roommate could tell it was The Purple One, and Peg said she liked it which means a lot (who cares if the birthday boy likes it!). Also, the great thing about screwing up the proportions on Prince portraits is that it's okay, because he is naturally a bobblehead. So in this case, a large head and small body work just fine. PS – the hamminess is intentional. PPS – in the original picture I couldn't find his nipples. True story!

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The Dragon’s Gift

Friday, March 6th, 2009

via flickr.com

For our Bhutan exhibition — which, btw, is chockful of stunning eyecandy — we have two visiting monks from Bhutan (super sweet fellows) who protect the sacred art by praying for it, twice daily. There’s also a colorful altar to which they contribute offerings (photo shown). All the art in the show is religious and still in active use in temples and monasteries. It took years working with the Bhutanese government to allow these precious artworks to go abroad. They’ve never left the country, let alone their homes. So yeah, it’s a big deal.

Here’s a snapshot of one of the offerings made by the monks. Traditionally made from flour and (yak) butter, these are created from sculpey.

I really really love the one on the right because it’s so Woodring! Am I right? It feels so familiar.

A word on Himalayan Buddhist art in general — not only is it beautiful, meticulous, and painstakingly detailed, it appeals to my morbid sensibilities because of the sometimes gory motifs: severed heads, human skins, flames of wrath, evisceration, etc — all for enlightenment purposes.

Try to see this show if you can. And if you do, take the time to check out the facial expressions on the sculptures. I love them.

Asian Art Museum design contest – come one, come all

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

To all the artists in the hizzouse, I'm asking you not only as a friend, cohort, and supporter of the arts, but also as a desperate museum professional, to please help spread the word about a design contest we're hosting. Deadline is March 13, 2009!

The Asian Art Museum is counting on talented designers to come up with a provocative, compelling creative treatment for MATCHA — our popular evening mixer program that unites art and culture with cocktails and mingling. Geared toward the younger crowd, this is a thriving Thursday evening event offered at a discount price.

The winning design will be used prominently in the MATCHA marketing campaign, which entails but is not limited to print ads, posters, online banners, postcards, club cards, t-shirts, website, e-blasts, etc. Prizes include $500, membership to the museum, guest passes for friends and family, MATCHA swag, a conceptual and visual challenge, and good exposure. More importantly, the winner would be part of a vibrant, fun, educational program from the largest museum in the western world devoted exclusively to Asian art!

For details, guidelines, and more, please visit (yup, it's Posterous!):

Questions? Shoot them over to: jyin[at]asianart[dot]org

I'm hoping that I can count on you to share this with all of your friends and family. I know y'all are in the know and have a ton of creative pals. THANK YOU!

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

i was flipping through the latest VIZ book catalog and one thing jumped off the pages: OISHINBO A La Carte. WOW! a manga about japanese food?! that’s a killer double whammy in one lovely, enticing serving.

according to the catalog, the series synopsis is about this slacker who is designated with the task of coming up with the ultimate menu to celebrate his workplace's (a newspaper) 100th anniversary. even though he's a lazy, blunt guy, he was chosen because he has an exquisitely discerning palate, an encyclopedic knowledge of food and drink, and a masterful touch in the kitchen.

i'm sold! from what i can glean, the artwork is easy on the eyes; clean but not terribly stylized. and depictions of food are extra handsome and draftsman-like. also, word on the street is that not only is it decent storytelling, it's educational as well.

it's apparently regarded as THE food manga, the first volume sold over 1 million copies in japan (in general it was a perennial bestseller), and became a "virtual institution" that spun off anime, movie(s), and fan websites. let's hope VIZ's retooling and repackaging of this supposed gem is worthy.

here's a review that breaks it down in a digestible manner, and the comic reporter's take on it.

as a diehard kuishinbo, i absolutely can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

See the full gallery on posterous

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hail to the chief

Friday, January 30th, 2009

SO GOOD and AWESOME. in my fantasies of our dreamboat head of state, this would totally be 100% factual:

choice nuggets from the article:

"Later, the defense secretary attempted to find common ground with Obama by making casual references to the comic book Spawn. But the 44th president reportedly brushed him off with an abrupt laugh, saying, "no one in [his] administration likes Spawn."

"When asked by the press corps if this week's hiccup has caused him to rethink any of his appointments, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrupted the president to assert that she and her colleagues have already begun educating themselves about comic books, and will soon be "an invincible team of Supermen and Wonder Women working to save America." "Wonder Woman? That's not even Marvel," Obama responded before storming out of the press room. "Who are you people?"

"Obama said during a press conference. "When I tell my cabinet that getting bipartisan support is exactly like the time Conan got Taurus to help him steal Yara's jewel, they need to understand what I mean."

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while taking care of #1 or #2

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

i had a fabulous meal last night at picco in larkspur, marin. i'd never live in this area (self-righteous wealthy [white] people; sean penn lives in the area, 'nuff said) but it is nice for 1) forays into beautiful nature and 2) a handful of good restaurants. picco is one of the said dining destinations. other than the food, the other awesome thing about picco = these sweet bad boys hanging on the wall of the bathroom.

they're obviously vintage collectibles. there was also a framed collection of the baseball player pog-type discs but it was too dark to get on the phone. there were three bathrooms. i was curious to see what the other ones had for decor…

ryan or some other japanese culture expert can prob comment on what these are about, but i'm dumb. slightly slightly reminiscent of wacky packs but only in format.

See the full gallery on posterous

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it ain’t no edison chen

Friday, January 16th, 2009

an indie based t-shirt company in beijing just couldn't resist the recent zhang ziyi $ex(y) "scandal" as fodder for its topical design content. i can't help but love the juiciness either. the chinese character stands for privacy. not sure if i care for this concept and typeface, but i dig the graphic on the back.

i think i'm the only person who actually finds the photos titillating and fun, but apparently zhang ziyi has shamed her country with such "indecent" behavior in public (even though they were on her wealthy fiancee's private beach). i've always been a poo-pooer of zhang ziyi. it's her conventional if not boring face and her seeming lack of personality. i just felt like, if there was gonna be an "it" girl representing china, she falls short of the job. she certainly is no gong li, that's for sure. the only time she did anything for me was in 2046. OH, worst of all, she has publicly stated that she prefers western men. now that's just not cool, girl ! regardless, i have some empathy for her in this case.

gotta credit ryan with sharing the pix with me before it really blew up.

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That’s about right

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

i wasn’t gonna document this until i saw how appropriate the trash “tableau” seemed. after all, i’m garbage and/or trashed (not in the inebriated sense)

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