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Piggy in the Mirror

Friday, August 6th, 2010



I spent this evening doing something I sadly, rarely ever do: tidying up the festooned mess that is my room. My goal is to have guests not say, “You have so MUCH STUFF.” So tonight I’ve been relocating a lot of crap (toys, knick knacks) to the living room. I even found an old artwork (that I forgot I bought at the antique paper fair) which I framed and hung.

Whilst trying to be productive, I revisited some old CDs. And that is why I’m currently stuck in the black hole known as music nostalgia. Looking at my Cure collection, I suddenly wanted to listen to an album that I only had on tape. One thing (YouTubing to hear my favorite tracks on said album) led to another, and before you know it, I’m going to list my top cherished memories of one of my alltime will-always-love favorite bands (in no particular order):


some of it was halcyon

Friday, April 10th, 2009

i was recently reunited with two boxes of old photos (thanks, knuckles). sifting through them is such a trip. it’s time consuming and frustrating, trying to sort, organize, and jettison. i realize that wow, even during pre-, mid-, and post-puberty, i took a lot of pictures.

my batman geekery started at a young age, but flourished through high school and to this day. here are my halloween costumes from junior and senior year. i remember getting really into it, going to the goodwill in milpitas to assemble a proper joker wardrobe (i think i did a pretty good job). i got up early for both outfits, spending a lot of time on makeup. when i think about all the energy and earnestness that went into those costumes, it makes me sad because i don’t think i can duplicate that kind of effort or feel that excitement anymore.

back in the day - nerd for life

back in the day - nerd for life

here are some teasers from junior high days. i cherish these precious photos of me and the girls i grew up with. holy moly i just saw that i’m holding a rose in the photo with the guy. if you want more you’ll have to go to my flickr. happy friday y’all. i’m beat, got a long work weekend ahead of me.

back in the day

back in the day

cruisin’ down memory autobahn

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

one of my earliest flickr sets was dedicated to random magical moments with friends. not necessarily random per se, but meant as storage for photos that didn’t warrant their own set. i recently started one solely for 2009 in the same vein, since my original one was getting 600+ pix too heavy (it dates back to september 2005!).

flipping through the aforementioned old album is nuts on nostalgia. dang it if it ain’t a new and crazy sensation every time i look at pictures from the past! old hairstyles, clothes, apartments, relationships, etc. everything.

holidays, birthdays, halloween, parties, special occasions, NYE…celebrations like that were documented and had their own respective albums and therefore did not go into this random one.

here are some that i have exumed from the latter.


a freakin’ CLASSIC. this one’s for his great great grandkids


whale/shark watching at farallon islands. i got so incredibly seasick
Photo 95

that’s our boy

karuna looks so beijing


i think most everyone in this photo had just gotten their hair did by my roommate masha. enjoy this, cuz you’ll never see derek’s hair this short ever again

can you think of anything better? the only thing missing is a puppy and kitten

sis and i shared a great day in sunny sf

hellen had an uberbadass cut

one of many adventures


imprompty bbq at my place (one of those nice times where we could rally everyone together)
impromptu bbq at 482

stockton, en route to a morrissey concert


nice persimmons

project runway nights. this was probably our last
project runway night

the day we saw beowulf
lazy sunday


hail to the chief

Friday, January 30th, 2009

SO GOOD and AWESOME. in my fantasies of our dreamboat head of state, this would totally be 100% factual:

choice nuggets from the article:

"Later, the defense secretary attempted to find common ground with Obama by making casual references to the comic book Spawn. But the 44th president reportedly brushed him off with an abrupt laugh, saying, "no one in [his] administration likes Spawn."

"When asked by the press corps if this week's hiccup has caused him to rethink any of his appointments, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrupted the president to assert that she and her colleagues have already begun educating themselves about comic books, and will soon be "an invincible team of Supermen and Wonder Women working to save America." "Wonder Woman? That's not even Marvel," Obama responded before storming out of the press room. "Who are you people?"

"Obama said during a press conference. "When I tell my cabinet that getting bipartisan support is exactly like the time Conan got Taurus to help him steal Yara's jewel, they need to understand what I mean."

See the full gallery on posterous

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but i can’t change time

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

when i look at these, i am reminded of why i am a neurotic and obsessive when it comes to taking pictures. every moment counts.

(perhaps one of the sweetest things i’ve ever seen)

old days

old days

after 32 years away, mom reunites with the girlfriends. everyone’s grown up. can you match up the faces? that’s the fun part

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

they used to walk this bridge together to and from school

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

(they’re making an “aww” face during my mom’s touching “speech” at dinner)

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

they all lived more or less within earshot, with their bedroom windows facing each other in this little alley. this helped facilitate planning, smooth getaways, and gossip

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

sometimes it’s like they never grew up, what with the girltalk and giggling and jewelry swapping

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

on the way to the night market, which they frequently did together in their youth. immediately cue “ladies’ night” to the rhythm of their assertive stepping

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

mom and her godbrother, “a-gu”, back in the day. he took good care of her

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

old days

here they are together again

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

the modern day photos were all snapped in taiwan on MOM’S REUNION TOUR FTW 2008.

meeting all these crucial figures from mom’s childhood was like one drawn out, poignant ya ya sisterhood trip except awesome and amazing and without sandra bullock. being around mom and her childhood friends seriously blew my mind and heart apart. they were genuinely cool gals; feisty, plucky, and fun. we all seemed to get each other, which is kind of a surprising thing, considering the generational and cultural AND language gaps. every moment together welled up with emotion. also, their lives have been marred with tragedies, yet they manage to have such an upbeat disposition and attitude about life. everyone treated us sooooo well in such touching, quirky ways. it was cute how they would non-too-subtlely try to buy us gifts.

“a-gu” (mom’s godbro) took us to this great jade market and kept on peering over my shoulder as i would pick up things and look at them. he’d try to ascertain my taste, and even asked funny questions like “so do you like big jewelry? or little delicate things? do you like jade”? haha. nice try. i basically said “don’t you dare!” though i totally fell in love with this and wanted it real badly. i envisioned myself in an amy tan moment, wearing it on my neck on a red string. i should’ve bought it.

taiwan: day 11 (last day)

here’s mei qi wondering what the heck is wrong with me as i stuff succulent handmade mochi in my maw. the whole time at the night market whenever i stopped to check something out she’d be like, “do you like it? do you want it?”

taiwan: day 10 (keelung)

political passion

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

this isn’t about last night’s triumphant victory (but wtf re: prop 8′s pathetic passing?!), though i will say my faith in american humanity has been somewhat restored. what a magnificent moment.

however, regarding hot-blooded cross strait relations, there’s this


read more here
and here.

while i’m on topic, here’s my photo of thousands of overseas chinese/taiwanese tourists waving the taiwan flag at a national day ceremony in taiwan when president ma ying-jeou took stage. felt like a sentimental homecoming, with the MCs yelling things like “welcome home!,” “taiwan loves you!,” “we have to take care of each other no matter where we live in the world!” “thank you for supporting taiwan!”

taiwan: day two

yeah i'll admit, it was moving.

lit a firecracker

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

happy birthday to a very, very special girl.


i remember the first moment i ever met my sister. i was four. there was a sense of anticipation and a vague understanding that a huge shift in the household (and my life) would ensue whether i liked it or not. there was commotion, my parents were gone for a while, i was alone in the house with maybe a few grandparental units. then: mom and dad finally came home but with this new…thing….in tow.

i remember peering at the little creature. i must have been confused but filled with wonderment. my entire life, children have never had the oooh-ahhh affect on me the way other animals did. show me a dog or cat and i will squeal and coo like a scary nut. a kid, on the other hand, better be pretty damn special to elicit the same excitement. however, ever since i was very small, i always KNEW my sister was friggin adorable, and no, not just because of my obvious biased stance. even then, i remember thinking, “wow…she’s precious!” ting ting goes down in my books as the cutest little human being ever. not just for those huge saucer eyes or cheeks, but for everything inside and out. a strange, curious, and unique being all the way.

like all siblings, we’ve been through a lot together, so it’s a good thing we’ve always had each other’s backs (though i was a shamefully absent elder sibling for a part of our lives).

she makes me laugh really, really hard, and she’s a wicked dancer.


he’s already in me

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

dang, i’m just too busy for words but there’s so much to say. internet is down at home, which means if i’m nowhere to be found, just look on the floor by my bed. you’ll find my corpse – self-cannibalized out of sheer panic and anxiety due to the web withdrawal. addiction ain’t pretty.

more blasts from the past. i always felt meh about them, but gosh darnit if these this trifecta isn’t lethally good.

SeeqPod – Playable Search

someone i hate, she thinks she’s great

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


why digital technology rules, reason #5,032:

this happens from time to time:
for whatever inexplicable reason, out of the blue, you’re reminded of a song precious and dear to you, one buried very, very deep in the vaults of your adolescent subconsciousness. suddenly, you’re seized with an urgency to hear that song NOW. it must happen or you’ll go crazy. the solution: seeqpod or youtube that $hit. the immediate gratification is aurally and emotionally orgasmic. it could almost make you cry.

it’s a stark contrast with little me 12 years ago, who would get so frustrated with futile attempts to capture any beloved but rare song on tape when it would come on the radio. picture it: a teen lazily laying (lying?) by her stereo, with her finger positioned on the record button, ready to attack and immortalize awesome discovery tunes (this is when live 105 was actually cool). when they did come on, i was tragically nowhere near my stereo. i think this is really a familiar, magical coming of age past time for all of us.

back to the song in question. those opening twinkling melodies that i haven’t heard in a decade, the stirring strings…the effect they have on me now is priceless. the other two are gillian gilbert and stephen morris of new order. they didn’t play “selfish” nearly enough on the airwaves for me. this was a sleeper / lightning seeds / red kross / juliana hatfield / all the classics kind of phase in my life.

well i’m not

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

peg and i had a good laugh over what would be a really funny (but weak) retort to any nasty insults hurled our way. observe:

meanie: “you are such a _________”
response: “yeah?!…well….i’m not….”

meanie: “you are so _______”
response: “yeah?!!!….well…i’m NOT…”

pretty good, right? i know, you’re floored by the geniusness.

it dawned on me that i shouldn’t be afraid to commit to non-photographic entries. sometimes i should just let the stream of consciousness rip n roar. for instance, lately i’ve had to get up and pee in the middle of the night. sometimes twice. and that’s obnoxious! it makes for fitful sleep.

after a long period of unproductive waffling, i finally got a bike. the opportunity to buy a used one — old, but a great reputable brand, and fun to ride — fell into my lap just at the nick of time. on several occasions i almost compulsively bought one cuz i couldn’t stand not being able to experience the joyous sensation of riding. not to mention the efficiency it introduces to one’s daily routine! what i’m not savoring is the agony it brings upon my poor crotch and battered cheeks. it’s super discouraging when you’re going up a barely-there incline and all you want to do is die. i hope my shoddy fitness and clumsiness doesn’t get the best of me.

also, the hiatus was stifling, but somehow i managed to get back into the gym, and have been going consistently for almost a month, if not more. albeit, it’s not as often during the week as i’d prefer, but i’m trying and making it a big priority. at this point, i feel like i’m conducting an experiment on my body to see what it takes to reap changes. determined to see something, anything, because i hate the current painful package i come in.

we’re going down south for con this weekend. crazy fun times will ensue, what with the winning social make up comprising peg, anthony, derek, fran, hellen, calvin, ryry, evan, so forth. it’ll be only my third time as a pure spectator, since previous years i worked for the comic relief mega booth. so strange, seeing the same folks over and over again, witnessing how they’ve evolved, some over a course of a decade.

my first ever comic convention was APE, when it was in san jose, and i was an angsty 16 or 17 year old. that was when i first met _____, a stylish, handsome, talented, and kind chap who sold me some of his work (which was partly pivotal for starting my “indie” comic obsession) and did a charming sketch in my book. well of course i developed a tiny crush on him, which would lie dormant and surface when i’d see him at subsequent conventions. the crush, harmless in itself, probably germinated because he seemed like such an ideal during an idealistic period of my life, when all i wanted to do was what he was doing, making good comics/art. anyway, he’d always offer a casual “oh hey! what’s up” acknowledgment during later run ins, partly as a show of gratitude for my support, and that would be the extent of our friendly but perfunctory exchange. over the years we’ve aged, and i’ve seen from afar how he’s aged (more salt, less pepper; more jowliness); life progressed. he married, had a child, and god knows how old the kid is now. his art’s always improving, onwards and upwards.

i don’t know why i’m talking about this, other than the fact that it’s interesting how strangers have the ability to make even the slightest impact and symbolize meaningful things in your life. it’s been a long time since i’ve seen this guy, and to be honest, i could care less. but it’s funny how his name alone will conjure up all these bittersweet memories of the girl i was. suddenly i can distinctly remember that first APE: all the nice soulful people, my first encounter with giant robot (jenny shimizu cover), dan wu of oriental whatever (coolest eye-opening thing ever at the time), gene yang (during his xeric days). i can even tell you what i was wearing. it was an entirely new, exciting world that filled me with a fiery passion that’s only native to teen territory.

as nostalgic and sentimental as this particular trip down memory lane is, it’s weighed down with a sorrowful sense of regret and disappointment. how i never created something like i promised myself i would, how i fantasized about one day being behind the table as a producer and not a patron. sucks, but hey that’s life: confronting and coping with the reality that 1) rarely will things turn out the way you want and 2) rarely will you be the person you sought out to be. but how can you retool this ostensibly difficult reality into a positive, healthy thing?

so yeah, that was a long time ago. i think it’d be quite magical to dig through the old sketchbook that i dorkily took to my early cons, in which i’d collect artistic contributions of all the talent i admired. what’d i give to flip through it again.

i’m going to shut up now.