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Meet the Team Leaders!



Elizabeth (she/her) is currently a junior at Horace Greeley High School. She is Chinese-American and a manager and writer for the Obscure History Blog, as well as a member of the Children’s Reading Program. She hopes to educate her peers and her community!

Fun Fact: A hidden talent that Elizabeth has is tying sailing knots. If she could have any pet, it would be a Samoyed dog.



Amy (she/her) is a junior attending Horace Greeley High School. She is Chinese-American, a part of the Teens4Kids Reading Program, and an editor for the Obscure History Blog. Amy is incredibly passionate about her work at The Bittermelon, especially in education and raising awareness around underrepresented issues. She writes articles that dive deep into the history of Asian Americans, as well as helping to edit and offer feedback to her peers.

Fun Fact:

Amy loves to spend time with her dogs! She's obsessed with creating little meals for them with special ingredients! Amy's dogs are named Taco and Burrito, along with her cat Mishu who passed a few years ago.



Rebecca (she/her) is a biracial Filipino-American junior at Horace Greeley and the head of the Writer's Club at The Bittermelon, which produces articles and essays that are posted on the Obscure History Blog. Through The Bittermelon, she hopes to learn more about topics that are not fully explored in school, and she hopes to educate others to gain new perspectives about the world around us.

Fun Fact: One of Rebecca's canon events was seeing Olivia Rodrigo in concert. She loves to play volleyball and plays on her school team. 



Emma Zhu (she/her) is a sophmore at MIT majoring in Computer Science and Economics. She is currently a mentor for the teen leaders at The Bittermelon and supports our marketing and branding with her incredible artistic talents! Emma worked directly with the founder as a summer intern on a pilot program focusing on empowering Asian American youth after establishing the first AAPI club at her high school during her junior year.

Fun Fact: If Emma was reincarnated, she'd be a rock. She will be survived by three plants, Peter the Pothos plant, Peter, Jr. the propagated Pothos plant, and Bægull the Basil plant. 


Sara (she/her) is a half-Chinese-American junior currently attending Horace Greeley High School. She is an editor of the Writer's Club and a participant in the Teens4Kids Reading Program. Sara has always wanted to create a space for others to learn and share about the experiences of Asian Americans that she never had. Through The Bittermelon, she hopes to teach others about the historical and personal experiences Asian Americans have, as well as create a foundation for growth and learning in her community.


TingRay (he/him) is a Taiwanese sophomore at Horace Greeley. He currently runs the Teens4Kids Reading Program. He joined the Bittermelon with hopes of spreading knowledge about AAPI heritage, culture, and experiences to others.

Fun Fact: TingRay has played the piano for over 12 years, enjoys math and computer science, and plays chess.

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